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Printing Scorecards
That has become a major request recently. So we will be providing the ability to print scorecards showing player names, handicaps, and strokes per hole.

Plan is late spring or early summer.
Author: Management
8 years ago   2012-04-11
This was completed with Release 2.05.06Author: Brian H
8 years ago   2012-06-22
My print option seems to cut scorecards in half from page to page. Am I doing something wrong?Author: Jay Berkman
7 years ago   2013-09-12
I adjusted the bottom margin so that each page contained all the cards that would fit on a single page (I think it was 3 cards per page with just a little bit of left over at the bottom).Author: Jonathan Belanger
7 years ago   2013-10-04
Would it be possible to print score cards with just a single match not the full foursomeAuthor: Michael Bloss
6 years ago   2014-06-10
can you tell me how to print 3 cards to a page. mine prints the first 8 matches on a single page then the last 5 on 1 pageAuthor: Rick Green
16 months ago   2019-04-26
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