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Link Players to a team

I can't figure out how to link a player to a team. Whenever I select a team number for a player it says that it does not exist. What am I doing wrong?


Author: Scott Rose
7 years ago   2012-03-20
That is a know bug with the website when using manual scoring. We have corrected the problem with the update being released at the end of the month. For know I have turned on Match Scoring with Teams. This will allow you to set the number of teams within your league. You can turn off Match Scoring after setting the number of teams.

Sorry for the problem.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-20
I would like to sort teams up Handicaps (low to high) is there a way to sort teams other then them sort by alphabet for each team. A tab just for team info like standings, point totals and schedule would be great. This website is great help to me as a sec of the league.Author: bill emler
7 years ago   2012-03-29
Sorting team with handicap second would be more useful than sorting by name second. So, we changed it. If you sort by team, the handicap will be the next column sorted by.

Thanks for the feedback.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-29
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