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How to not count unfinished rounds for HC
We had rain out and some teams did not finish. How do I mark their rounds fo not being included in the HC calculation?Author: Dan Dimitrovski2
6 days ago   2020-07-28
No way that I am aware of without deleting all score cards and marking the entire round as a Rain-Out

The other option is to follow USGA Rules of Handicap - "Rule 3.2 When a Hole is Not Played". (https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html)
Rule 3.2 provides instructions on how to score an unfinished hole.
Author: Richard Tawes
4 days ago   2020-07-30
I came up with a manual work around. In our league rules the incomplete score does not count towards HC but if at least 6 holes are played then it is a counted round for scoring. The holes not played are split between the teams (we do team scoring only). So what I did was enter scores that were played, and filled in the remaining holes as bogies. I closed the round to record the points. I re-opened the round to get a snapshot of the scoring. I then deleted the score cards that were associated with the teams that did not complete. This removed the players rounds for HC. The points were evenly split for the cards that were no longer there. I then manually edited the cards to do proper recording of the holes played, splitting the holes not played. Very manual but it did meet the spirit
of our league rules.
Author: Dan Dimitrovski2
3 days ago   2020-07-31
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