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Partial scorecard
This past week we got hammered with a storm on the gof course. 2 foursomes finished only 8 holes and another only 7 and another only 6 holes. It won't let me enter a partial card. . What are my options?. I was gonna have the matches spit the points for unplayed holes.Author: Chester Bartosik
27 days ago   2020-06-14
The way I handle that for my league - is just enter the appropriate hole scores for both players to result in a tie. Be sure to take into account their hole handicap allowances. However, be aware there is a potential to impact a players handicap.

The other option is to follow USGA Rules of Handicap - "Rule 3.2 When a Hole is Not Played". (https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html)
Rule 3.2 provides instructions on how to score an unfinished hole.
Author: Richard Tawes
27 days ago   2020-06-14
Thanks Rich. That was going to be my last resort to manually put in scores.Author: Chester Bartosik
25 days ago   2020-06-16
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