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Changing a players tee
Does anyone know if you have a league that has been playing for a few years and you have a player that has been playing from the Whites and now will play from the Gold. Will the website auto adjust their HDCP’s to reflect their hdcp from the Gold’s as each round is played? We use 5 of last 10 scores and keep using previous rounds scores until 10 new season rounds.

Author: Tom Lachner
3 months ago   2020-04-30
Yes, as long as the Tee's Rating/Slope numbers are included in the Golf Course Data. Usually pretty easy to tell, if the desired Tee option is available then the data should be there.

Keep in mind the website is still using the old USGA Handicap formulas, so the Player's Handicap difference between the different tees is typically small. For my League Players rarely more than .5 to 1 stroke.

If the desired Tee is not available as an option, then you will have to build a new golf course profile -- under Golf Courses/Add a New Course. You will need to give the course a different name (as there is no way to remove or edit an existing course). Typically I just add the current year to the course name - aka "Course Name (2020)". Important: ensure all data is correct before submitting -- no way to correct or update once added to the course database,

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 months ago   2020-05-01
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