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Handicap vs Par
Just setting up a new league and am not sure how to show the par for old play. Since we are a 9 hole per week league, should I use the full course par or 50% of it to enter the par for calculation later? This is strictly for manual entry of previous rounds.Author: David Macfarlane
4 months ago   2020-01-22
Not sure I understand the question?

If you enter the your golf course data (aka par, hole handicap, rating & slope). See "Golf Courses/Add a New Golf Course". When adding a new course be very sure you have verified all data - because if you get it wrong you will have to reenter under a different course name. There is currently no way to contact the developer to make any changes.

You use that course (Front9 or Back 9) to enter old scores. See "Players/List Players/Player Name/Add Old Score". That will calculate the players differential, handicap index, and subsequent course handicap.
Note the handicap calculations use the 2019 USGA handicap formula. Currently the new 2020 World Golf Handicap system is not an option. And the developer has not supplied any info on if or when it will be supported.

For the site to calculate your players handicaps, the following settings need to be set on the "League Settings/Handicap"
Handicap Calculated: Automatically
Use Course Rating/Slope Correction: Yes - Corrected

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
4 months ago   2020-01-22
Thanks Richard. I was looking at input of previous rounds totals without using scorecards and using just existing USGA handicaps. I have figured out that the par for each 9 is from the scorecards, so used those instead of the 18 hole par and things show better now. I will turn on the Handicap calculating and correction functions before adding any new scorecards. Still looking for how to populate scorecards with player information for upcoming rounds and how to add another administrator as a helper for me. I have identified him but can't seem to find how to allow him to set up his access. Great for us that you have experience with this software. It is a shame the company appears to have gone away.Author: David Macfarlane
4 months ago   2020-01-23
To add additional administrators:
See League Settings/Managers/Edit Preferences
Add Manager
System will send out an e-mail to the user you add to validate and request them to add a password to their new login.

My League has 6 Teams each with ~10 players, so my schedule shows T1 vs T2, etc. so when I add score cards week, The Player Name on the scorecard contains a drop down list of all players listed in your player roster.
See Scorecards/Add Scorecard/Add Scorecard for this Division

Hope this helps
Author: Richard Tawes
4 months ago   2020-01-23
Thanks Richard. I will work on these and let you know how it goes. Are you getting any funding for being tech support?Author: David Macfarlane
4 months ago   2020-01-24
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