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Code Changes Required to Support 2020 World Golf Handicap System
Assuming the developer(s) take a peak at the forum - here is a brief list of changes required to update the website to support the 2020 World Golf Handicap System.

At a minimum the follow must be implemented:
The 9-hole handicap (aka designated with a lower case “n” – i.e.: Handicap Index(n) = 15) is gone.  All handicaps (index, course, playing) are based off 18-hole differentials.
If only playing 9-holes -- two 9-hole differentials are combined to create a 18-hole differential which is use in all future handicap calculations.
An uncombined 9-hole score is discarded after it becomes older than the twentieth oldest 18-hole score
Rules: 5.1a & b Calculation of a Score Differential

Maximum Score for Handicap Calculations
Equitable Stroke Control has been replaced by “Net Double Bogey”
Rule 3.1b

Course Handicap – Change in calculation to include PAR 
The Bonus for Excellence (aka .96 multiplier) is gone
>> 18- hole << Course Handicap = Handicap Index * (Slope Rating / 113) + (Course Rating – PAR)
Rule 6.1a
>> 9-Hole <<<< Course Handicap = (Handicap Index / 2) * (9-hole Slope Rating / 113) + (9-hole Course Rating – 9-hole PAR)
Rule 6.1b

Playing Handicap
>>> Same Tees <<< : Playing Handicap = Course Handicap * Handicap Allowance
Rule 6.2a
>>> From Multiple Tees w/ different Pars <<<<:  Playing Handicap = (Course Handicap * Handicap Allowance) + Difference in pars
Rule 6.2b

New 2020 WHS Requirements that I really don't care if implemented or could be phased in over time.

Playing Conditions Adjustment (PCC)
Adds a course conditions value(-1 to +3)  to the score differential calculation
Rule 5.6
Low Handicap Index (ties into Soft & Hard Caps)
Rule 5.7
Soft & Hard Caps for Player’s Handicap Index
Rule 5.8
Exceptional Score Reductions
Rule 5.9

Hoping this can be addressed in time for the 2020 season.
Author: Richard Tawes
8 months ago   2019-12-06
Nicely done.. Author: chris magnuson
8 months ago   2019-12-07
Am I missing that the new handicap calculation is now based on the lowest 8 scores out of the last 20. Previously was lowest 10 out of 20.
I think I can implement most changes in the handicap settings of my league manager page. i.e. lowest 8 out of 20 and eliminating the .96 multiplier.
The net double bogey rule however will be problematic if done manually and not by a system update,
Author: Dick Ulrich
8 months ago   2019-12-08
Agreed, the net double bogey rule is going to be needed.Author: Joe Jackson
7 months ago   2020-01-18
Is the developer still doing anything with this site? Was thinking I should probably start looking for an alternative. Anyone else done any research that can save us time?Author: Kent McPherson
7 months ago   2020-01-31
At this point there has been no developer feedback since he upgraded the servers 2 years ago. And no new development since he announced he was working on new software 5 years ago.

The options available depend on your league structure. There are a bunch found with a Google search - but only few still have active support.

Some potential options (that have active support) that I have been looking at are:
GolfSoftware.com ($5/player/year) <- Probably the best solution out there - but you pay for it.
Fringegolfers.com (Free - Ad based) <- Has a lot of potential, but the user interface is not a user friendly as LeagueSync in some area.
Golfleague.us (cost varies on options)
GolfLeagueTracker.com ($99 for 30 rounds)
LeagueGolfer.com ($99/yr)
x4Golf.com ($45/yr)
MyCloudLeague.com (Free - Ad based)

Author: Richard Tawes
7 months ago   2020-01-31

Fringegolf.com should be FRINGEGOLFERS.COM

Fringegolfers.com does not support teams or at least I haven't found away to set up teams

MyCloudLeague.com does not support teams at this time but claim to be working on it.
Author: Pete M
6 months ago   2020-02-08
Thank you for the correction.

FYI ... FringeGolfer does support teams -- I have a test site running consisting of 6 teams with 12 players per team. (Admin/Manage Golf Leagues/Manage League Seasons/Team Assignments).
But there are other feature missing, like manual override of points, Cross team subs, ghost players handled differently and score card entry is much more time consuming.
Author: Richard Tawes
6 months ago   2020-02-08
What if you change the ESC handicap calc to reflect 2 over par for all - wouldn't that accomplish the net double bogey rule?Author: Brian Wilson
4 months ago   2020-04-03
Thanks - don't think I would have found it on my own. May run a league here and there (if we ever get to play this summer) to see if it is an alternative site. One of these days I will learn that you need to click on all icons to see if anything is hidden behind them. Author: Pete M
4 months ago   2020-04-04
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