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Website has no support -- doesn't respond to emails
This is a valid complaint. The website has no support system and doesn't respond to emails. It is as though the organizers and management team have vanished. I do not recommend anybody start a new league here, because you will be lost. Some of the features they advertise do not work; they do not return emails or requests for help. One good thing -- it is, indeed free -- but beware, because on this site, you get what you pay for. Is anybody else having this problem?Author: Paul Johnston
11 months ago   2019-09-19
If there is no support for this site, why dont they simply post a statement saying so?

Why cant they simply reply?

Will a modification be made to accommodate the 2020 World Golf Handicap Changes?

Author: David Szymanski
9 months ago   2019-11-14
There is no support. It's tough making changes or impossible on here. Author: Bob Lenhard
3 months ago   2020-05-27
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