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skins using handicaps
we play skins with handicaps. a player with a 10 handicap gets a stroke a hole plus 2 on the hardest hole of the 9 he is playing. on our course, hole 8 is the toughest and hole 1 is second toughest. Every time we play the front nine, it gives 2 strokes on hole 1 not 8. I have tried everything and can't change it so I have to manually make the correction on the printout and explain to the players affected why I did it. any suggestions on how I could correct this error?Author: Chester Bartosik
15 months ago   2019-06-27
Chester, I'm just learning about the nuances of LeagueSync so forgive this simple question. Are you sure your HC's are enter correctly for your course? Our HCs changed on our course this year so they're all wrong. Next year, we have to add a new course again because there is apparently no support for this site anymore so you can't change your existing course info. Just a wild guess.
Author: Kent McPherson
15 months ago   2019-06-27
Kent, I am pretty sure the handicaps are right because I used the score card to enter them. Thanks.Author: Chester Bartosik
14 months ago   2019-07-09
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