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Match Play Scoring Question
We run our league with match play scoring manually today. Scoring goes like this: Team 1A vs Team 2A and Team 1B vs Team 2B. 2 points per hole split on a tie. So 18 points awarded for each match, 36 total possible for a team. I could use the leaguesync system to do the match play scoring automatically for that part of the scoring. But here's our difference. We award 4 team bonus points to the team who took the most of the 36 points. So we have a total of 40 points for each team match each week. Is there an automated scoring method in leaguesync to handle these 4 bonus points? if not, can I manually edit a scorecard that the system scored to add those 4 points after the fact? Author: Kent McPherson
8 months ago   2019-06-24
Look under League Settings / Scoring Methods Selected and / Scoring - Team Match Play.

Under Scoring Methods Selected
....... Match Play & Use Teams
........ Manual Scoring & Use Teams (allows you to manually adjust points)

Under Scoring - Team Match Play
........ Individual Points for Match Play (Most Holes Won) - assign desired # of points

Not sure if this what you are looking for??

But you can definitely manually adjust points after the score cards are entered and before you close the round.

See Home \ Managers Home Page \ Scorecards \ View/Edit Points
To manually adjust player points.
Author: Richard Tawes
8 months ago   2019-06-24
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