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Practice League?
Can I create a practice league, play with set up options, enter a few make believe rounds to see how it works and then delete that league? Author: Kent McPherson
11 months ago   2019-06-24
Pretty sure you can create as many Leagues as you want --- however deleting them is an unknown. Can't say I have ever seen a delete league in any of the Admin options.Author: Richard Tawes
11 months ago   2019-06-24
Thanks Richard, I did create a test league to test out what I want to change and it seems to be working fine. Not sure about deleting either. And the scary thing is if this site is now truly unsupported, what happens if it breaks? Are we all out of luck? I assume so. Author: Kent McPherson
11 months ago   2019-06-25
I keep a plan B ready just in case. Unfortunately for my league configuration that means $$ to purchase software.

The developer does seem to keep an eye on the site; aka claims to have done a server upgrade over the Christmas holidays; did address a down e-mail server issue, and did resolve an issue when the e-mail server was black-listed as an apparent spam source.

Next year when the new World Golf Handicap system goes into effect most likely will be the breaking point for most of the current site customers. As the USGA handicap calculation will most likely change Based on comments from the USGA, we will not know how much change there will be until later in the Fall when the new Rules of Handicapping manuals are released.
Author: Richard Tawes
11 months ago   2019-06-25
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