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How HC's are calc'd
I'm hoping I can try to figure this out this way. Here's a link to the screenshot of our league's setup.
https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6pkf0e8l4b6o7t/Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 6.53.44 AM.jpg?dl=0

You might have to copy that link into your browser but you should be able to see our league's set up. I'm trying to understand how our HC's are calc'd based on this setup because if I manually calc them based on what I think I see in the setup screen, I get different results.

1. The Oldest Round setting is 5 which I believe the previous admin thought would limit the calculations to just 5 weeks for HCs. It might but I think I want to change this to 104 based on other posts so at least 2 years data is maintained for HC calc. Thoughts on that?

2. The Maximum Latest Rounds User for Handicap is set to 10 so if I understand this right, the calc will look at the last 10 valid rounds for a player. BUT because the Oldest Round setting is 5, I don't think we'll ever get 10 rounds to look at. Do I get that right?

3. We're 6 weeks into our league for 2019. My partner has played all 6 weeks. When I look at the Handicap Report page and click on his name, I see 5 scores (because of the Oldest Round setting I think) but only 4 are in bold and the note at the bottom of that page says only bold scores are used in HC calc. Why is only using 4 and not all 5?

4. From the League Settings screenshot, if it were able to find 10 rounds, it looks like it throws out the highest 5 - not the oldest 5. And the percentage changes for round 4 and levels at round 5. We want a flat 90% so i assume if I change Oldest Rounds to 104, all these %'s should be set to .9. Correct?

Any help is appreciated!
Author: Kent McPherson
15 months ago   2019-05-31
#2 - I would say that is a correct understanding - at least that is how I understand the system works.

#3 - good question, i would have expected 5 also - maybe there is some interaction between the 5 max rounds and 10 valid rounds played settings and the system dropping 1st highest score with 6 rounds. That is a question for the developer if/when he gets time to review the forum.

#4 The USGA Handicap calculation uses the lowest scores within a set of valid rounds. The official calculation uses 10 lowest of the last 20 rounds. Typically that is too wide a set for season leagues. Must seems to use 5 lowest of the last 10 rounds.

The Percent of Average Strokes over Par is what the USGA calls the Bonus for Excellence. The USGA default is 0.96. Many seasonal leagues change the value to something lower. See Section 10 USGA HANDICAP FORMULA (http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14389) for details.

Hope this helps
Author: Richard Tawes
15 months ago   2019-05-31
Thanks Richard. I think we have it. Set the Oldest Round to 52 to go back one year for old scores. Set the Max Latest Rounds to 5 to force using the last 5 recorded scores. Now I see 5 scores for each player on the HC report. And this should set it up for next year to look back into 2019 to calc HC's the first 4 weeks of 2020. Author: Kent McPherson
14 months ago   2019-06-01
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