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How to keep multiple seasons data?
I'm taking over the admin functions of our golf league and it looks like the previous admin didn't keep any data from the previous years. I'm not totally sure how to verify that. I can't post a screen shot here so I can't show you why I think that. But I certainly want to save the 2019 data to be use in early 2020 for HC purposes. Can anyone give me some pointers on doing that? Author: Kent McPherson
10 months ago   2019-05-30
Don't think there is any way to attach a screen shot.

The site does keep previous years schedules see "Schedule/List all".

As far as previous scores, that depends the "Oldest Round Used for Handicapping" setting. Look under "League Settings\Handicap\Oldest Round Used for Handicapping"

That setting defines how many weeks of scores are kept.

I have my league set at 104 weeks (2 yrs) to accommodate players that can't play every year (aka new jobs, new family additions, etc.)

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
10 months ago   2019-05-30
Richard, if I set the Oldest Round Used for Handicapping to 104 (2 yrs), how do I make it so HC's are based only on the last 5 recorded scores for a golfer?Author: Kent McPherson
10 months ago   2019-05-31
Under League Settings/Handicap/Handicap Calculation Rules
This setting controls what scores and how many are used in the Handicap Calculation.

When you edit the Handicap Settings,
- you specify how many rounds to include
- then specify how many within in that set to used
for example 5 lowest rounds out of 10 rounds played.

i.e. for 10 rounds drop 5 highest rounds
for 9 rounds drop 4 highest rounds
and so on

The 0.960 is the USGA default for Bonus for Excellence component of the USGA Handicap Calculation.
See Section 10 USGA HANDICAP FORMULA (http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/handicapping/handicap-manual.html#!rule-14389) for details.

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
10 months ago   2019-05-31
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