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Gold tee added
I created another course and called it Gold so I could add thw Gold tees. However, when I setup matches I don't get the option of using the Gold course, only the White (original) course. Any suggestions? There is a considerable yardage difference on some holes and it creates an unfair advantage for the guy using Gold tees without adjusting his handicap.Author: Chester Bartosik
12 months ago   2019-05-20
Few things to look at --

Are you bring up the correct course? Obvious but has bit me multiple times.
If you have already built your schedule using the old name, you have to go back and change all the entries to the new course name.

Under "My Golf Courses under Construction" is your new course listed as Released & Locked. If not something was incorrect or missing. Missing/Incorrect item should be listed in Red under Checklist / Release.

The developer does not appear to be actively monitoring the forum any more, so if this does not resolve the issue - maybe someone else will have some ideas.

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
12 months ago   2019-05-21
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