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Our league has always used divisions and teams will be ranked according to the total points they won in their division. The top team in each division in the first half of the season will be in the playoffs against the top team in each division from the second half of the season.Author: Brad Ginter
7 years ago   2012-03-06
We also have a league that plays both the front and back nine each week. We have a custom schedule for the divisions. Is custom scheduling possible? Also, if a team doesn't show up (forfeits) the other teams gets 3 points and the forfeit team gets zero. Is custom point scoring possible or is there a way to do this?Author: Brad Ginter
7 years ago   2012-03-06
Divisions is another new request. We do allow the league to be broken by Flights, but not divisions. We are in the process of improvement the scheduling, which will include splitting the league to play the front and back nine at the same time. I will ask if divisions can be added to scheduling. At this time I don't know if divisions can be added since the improvement is going to be released at the end of the month.

We are releasing a manual point system and the ability to edit the points awarded. I hoping this update goes live tomorrow. This latest update is going through final testing today.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-06
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