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Schedule for teams
I have everything set up, but there are no team matchups on the schedule. Did I miss something? I thought it would generate automatically.Author: Ed Kasprzynski
15 months ago   2019-04-18
It does say, no teams scheduled.......grrrr.Author: Ed Kasprzynski
15 months ago   2019-04-18
You have to schedule the teams yourself. Go to the manager's home page. Then click on "edit schedule" on that page click on "setup matches" in the upper right corner. You will then be able to setup teams and individual matches. Or on the "Schedule" page in the lower right under "Manager Functions" click on the "edit" button. Then the "setup matches" Author: Pete M
15 months ago   2019-04-20
I am having the sam issue. I try to add matches and its only allowing me 4 golfers.. ?? Im sure I am missing something...
im trying to just make a weekly schedule??
Author: Mitch
14 months ago   2019-05-17
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