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Scoring for a no show
Hi all. First time user. My league has a scoring system where a no show dies not automatically get 0 points. Basically they get the balance of the total point that could be won subject to a maximum. Any idea if there is a way to assign points for a no shows?Author: Paul Cohen
12 months ago   2019-04-09
There is no way to do it through this package. What I have done is to create a round for the no show that provides the desired results. May take a couple of trial and error attempts to get it right.Author: Pete M
12 months ago   2019-04-15
I just do a manual override on the scores that are affected.Author: Tim Moore
12 months ago   2019-04-16
Thanks Pete and Tim. I would just do a manual override but it doesn't seem to allow me to give points to the player who was a no show, unless i out put in fake scores for him. That is not desireable since it would affect that persons handicap.

As a potential workaround, I created fake golfers that I can use as subs. I gave then a 0 handicap and then just put in par for each hole. It doesn't score the way my league rules dictate, but then I can manually override. Sound like a good approach? Any issues I should be aware of?
Author: Paul Cohen
12 months ago   2019-04-18
How do you manual over ride a score card? 1st time user. did it work well with the no show player?Author: Peggy Brown
10 months ago   2019-06-11
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