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Handicaps not computing for new league
I set up a new league, entered 7 old scores per player, but the handicaps will not calculate, even after I set the current round in the schedule.Author: Mark
14 months ago   2019-03-23
in league settings - handicap how far back (weeks) are you allowing. if it doesn't include the dates of your inputs then it won't calculate.Author: Pete M
14 months ago   2019-03-24
Thanks for the reply, Pete.

I had a zero entered for "Oldest Round Used for Handicapping" because that means "no limit".

I tried changing that to "99" and the handicap calculations still don't work. The software posts "N/A" for each player's handicap.

HOLD ON: I "Set Current Round" to the first round and the handicaps showed up. Thanks!
Author: Mark
14 months ago   2019-03-25
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