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Adding new tee to existing course
Can I add a new tee to an existing course without having to create an entirely new course? Our courses (Charleston Pines & Island Oaks) have the White & Blue tees defined and we would like to add Gold tees for the upcoming season without impacting current scoring history.Author: Tom Reichlmayr
18 months ago   2019-03-18
Unfortunately no.
When the developer was actively monitoring the site, you could request him to reopen the course for edit - or - he would add the info for you.
With the developer preoccupied with family and job related issues, now the only way I am aware of is to re-create the course and give it a slightly different name.
Author: Richard Tawes
18 months ago   2019-03-18
I agree with Richard but I do believe it will still keep the scoring history. My course did a rework so we went through a temporary then a new coarse both that I entered manually and the averages where still calculated out. Author: Tim Moore
18 months ago   2019-03-20
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