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League Plays Two 9's, But Are in Same Division
League is large (~100 players) so we split them randomly week to week on two separate 9's (front and back); however, they're in the same division (same points) but the scores are separate weekly. Is that possible to set up, or would I be forced to set them in divisions?

Effectively, instead of 1 Group, No Division, Same Course, could an option be available to be 1 Group, No Division, Split Between Different Nines?
Author: Scott McLeod
16 months ago   2019-03-05
Our League has 72+ players and plays front and/or back nines at our course.
Since we are a 9-hole league, we had to setup 2 divisions - 1 for front and 1 for the back nines. Only way the software can handle playing both front or back nines for a 9-hole league.

When you create your schedule, the 1st division is setup for the front nine. Then you update the 2nd division to reflect the back nine.

I schedule all match-ups under the 1st division, but score the matches under both divisions - aka front nine scores under 1st division and back nine under the 2nd division. But you could create match-ups in both divisions if you want to specifically schedule on "both" front and back nines. In our case whether or not we use both nines depends on how busy the course is.

The reports are configured to show data for all divisions, but you can configure for specific divisions.

Hope this helps.
Author: Richard Tawes
16 months ago   2019-03-06
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