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2-man better ball match play
How can you set up a league so that you have 2-man teams playing off lowest handicap player with 1 team point per hole and 1 team point for match? Everything I have tried, scores Player A on team 1 vs Player A on Team two AND Player B on team 1 vs Player B on Team 2. We use low net per team.

Really hoping this app will meet our needs, but currently not working. Any help appreciated.
Author: Mike Petrinec
16 months ago   2019-03-04
Mike, I have been using this site for several years now to run my league & have had to work around this issue. Unsatisfactorily I have to say. We run 2 man teams but I have to actually list them as one man in order for it to work. I am not able to have separate HCP for each man nor do I get stats for each player. I have not been able to get the administrators to fix it, in fact they have quit responding to my questions.Author: doug huberty
16 months ago   2019-03-13
Doug, thanks for the information... that makes it easy to decide not to use this for our league. We currently have a homemade system, but wanting to see if something better was out there.

Again, thanks... fairways and greens.
Author: Mike Petrinec
16 months ago   2019-03-23
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