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Curious about website activity
I decided to give it a try putting my league online. I have been doing it manually for approximately 10 years. Is this site actively monitored and/or maintained?

I would not want it to expire halfway through the season. Not sure if i want to make a back up hard copy and do double the work "just in case".

Author: Joseph Janosky
20 months ago   2019-01-31
Been using this site for about 5 years.
The Developer does keep an eye on the service - but - has not introduced any enhancements in quite sometime.
The developer had announced around 3 yrs ago he was developing a new service, but work and family responsibilities were taking most of his time.
Since the service is free (aka ad supported) I don't complain.

I always keep a Plan B in my back pocket -- however so far all the backup solutions will cost my league "real" dollars.

Hope this helps
Author: Richard Tawes
20 months ago   2019-01-31
Thanks for the reply, never used a site before and I like the options for it. I will give it a shot and if he decides to turn it off, oh well I will create my back up spreadsheets and keep all the hard copies in case something happens. If it still up I will continue to use it, hell I would even probably pay for it, if it went that route.Author: Joseph Janosky
19 months ago   2019-02-02
I've used it from the beginning & even tho it's not perfect it works & it's free. Keep hoping for updates.Author: doug huberty
18 months ago   2019-03-13
Looking to starting a league through this site. Any advise or tips? Seems kinda scattered. Is the best way to go about it just get your league together and go play, collect scores and plug in the website and go from there. Letting the handicaps adjust through the site? Any help would be great. Author: Austin Huguley
18 months ago   2019-03-26
I am also using this site for the first time. I actually setup two leagues one with dummy data so I could checkout all the options and the effect of them on the league and another for my actual league. Had to do this since you really can't delete things in some cases. I add my first scorecard for two players playing a round earlier then the rest of the league. It when well, computed their scores, points each took, adjusted handicap score for holes where the player exceeded the max score, figured the skins (only two players) best ball and stableford were not games for this week so I don't know how they will do.Author: Pete M
18 months ago   2019-03-28
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