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Curious about website activity
I decided to give it a try putting my league online. I have been doing it manually for approximately 10 years. Is this site actively monitored and/or maintained?

I would not want it to expire halfway through the season. Not sure if i want to make a back up hard copy and do double the work "just in case".

Author: Joseph Janosky
18 days ago   2019-01-31
Been using this site for about 5 years.
The Developer does keep an eye on the service - but - has not introduced any enhancements in quite sometime.
The developer had announced around 3 yrs ago he was developing a new service, but work and family responsibilities were taking most of his time.
Since the service is free (aka ad supported) I don't complain.

I always keep a Plan B in my back pocket -- however so far all the backup solutions will cost my league "real" dollars.

Hope this helps
Author: Richard Tawes
18 days ago   2019-01-31
Thanks for the reply, never used a site before and I like the options for it. I will give it a shot and if he decides to turn it off, oh well I will create my back up spreadsheets and keep all the hard copies in case something happens. If it still up I will continue to use it, hell I would even probably pay for it, if it went that route.Author: Joseph Janosky
17 days ago   2019-02-02
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