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Hdcp skins game not calculating the players with (negative hdcps correctly)
A player with a "negative" hdcp, meaning, a very good player is suppose to give back shots on the easiest hdcp holes, correct????

Well, currently, if player "A" with a "negative" hdcp is suppose to "give back" a shot on a hole, and he scores a birdie 3 on a hole, and player "B" who does not have to "give back" a shot on that same hole scores a birdie 3, The player "A" with the "negative" hdcp is still "cutting or eliminating" the Hdcp Skin that the player "B" was suppose to get.

Am I doing something wrong????

Please advise.

Thank You,

David Szymanski
Author: David Szymanski
18 months ago   2019-01-25
Has anybody else had this problem??

The hdcp skins report is inaccurate because the (negative handicapers) and not giving shots back on the easiest holes.

Author: David Szymanski
18 months ago   2019-01-25
Yes, I am having the same problem I just realized. We use a Stableford scoring system and with the people who are assigned negative handicaps it will calculate there net scores correctly but it will not calculate how many points they get correctly. It still uses the net score to calculate the points when somebody has a negative handicap.Author: Jim Gorney
17 months ago   2019-02-24
Sorry to hear you are having the same problem, I hope they fix it..Author: David Szymanski
16 months ago   2019-03-04
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