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Hdcp skins game not calculating the players with (negative hdcps correctly)
A player with a "negative" hdcp, meaning, a very good player is suppose to give back shots on the easiest hdcp holes, correct????

Well, currently, if player "A" with a "negative" hdcp is suppose to "give back" a shot on a hole, and he scores a birdie 3 on a hole, and player "B" who does not have to "give back" a shot on that same hole scores a birdie 3, The player "A" with the "negative" hdcp is still "cutting or eliminating" the Hdcp Skin that the player "B" was suppose to get.

Am I doing something wrong????

Please advise.

Thank You,

David Szymanski
Author: David Szymanski
24 days ago   2019-01-25
Has anybody else had this problem??

The hdcp skins report is inaccurate because the (negative handicapers) and not giving shots back on the easiest holes.

Author: David Szymanski
24 days ago   2019-01-25
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