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Getting a jump on next season
This is my first year using this site so I have questions. How do I start a new season? I want to carry over some of my golfers from this season to next and keep there handicaps. How is this achieved? I tried when I started this league this season to add 5 scores from last season to start all golfers with a handicap but the "Add Old Scores" did not work. I reached out then but heard back from no one before my league started so I had to just move on. This is why I'm asking now for next season so I can hopefully get started next season quickly and seamlessly. Thanks in advance for any help. Author: Jeff McGlosson
2 years ago   2018-10-14
See http://golf.leaguesync.com/forum/topic/886Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-10-15
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