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Email Issue Fixed
Sorry for the long delay in getting the email fixed. The service company we use was being very difficult . We came very close to moving to another provider. But moving during the middle of the season would have cause more issues.

Please make sure you are entering the correct email addresses for your league members. This ridiculous issue was caused by just one email going to the wrong person. And a hosting company that we paid extra to guarantee service being very difficult. I will not say their name, but being a top 5 hosting company does not mean you are the best at customer service.
Author: Brian H
2 years ago   2018-07-18
Brian -

The emails went out last night , but nothing yet this morning after sending . Might not be fixed yet ;-(
Author: Kathy
2 years ago   2018-07-19
Thank you for getting the e mail issue fixed Brian!Author: Brad
2 years ago   2018-07-23
FYI. I'm still having issues with my hosting service company because they believe the website is sending spam. There may be short periods of the emails not working as I explain the emails in question are not spam.

Again please make sure the email addresses of your league members is correct. All of these issues are over a couple of emails going to the wrong email address.
Author: Brian H
2 years ago   2018-07-29
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