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Update E-Mail Not Received
Is anyone else experiencing issues with e-mails sent from this site not getting distributed? Author: Peter Cazzetta
15 months ago   2018-06-19
Yes, my league emails are not being received eitherAuthor: Terry Kuester
15 months ago   2018-06-22
Same here. I noticed it on 6/20/18.Author: Brad
15 months ago   2018-06-22
Same issueAuthor: Chris Stollar
15 months ago   2018-06-22
Yes, I have not been able to successfully send out an email for a couple of weeks.Author: J Hamann
15 months ago   2018-06-23
Hoping by now that the email problem would be fixed - or at least someone telling us that help is on the way.....Author: Chris Stollar
14 months ago   2018-07-03
I am still having issues with emails not getting out to my members.Author: Scott Mowery
14 months ago   2018-07-11
This site has been practically abandoned. It still works, but has not had any sort of update in a long time. All bugs/issues that people may find can be guaranteed to remain in perpetuity.

I recommend just notifying your league of updates by manual email. A trick you can do, is ctrl+a or select all from the 'list emails' tab, and copy that into an excel sheet. One of the resulting columns will be each of the email addresses you had already listed. Then you can select that entire column and copy it into your 'To' box in your email of choice, and each individual email address will come through.

Better than trying to type each individual email address out.
Author: Dave Melonson
14 months ago   2018-07-13
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