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Printing Reports
I just downloaded your software and i am checking it out, looks good so far. Question is, (i see others have asked) there isn't a way to print out blank score cards to use for league night. Most league managing software will print out the score card with the handicaps of the teams so you know how many strokes you have to give/take from your opponent. is anything like this possible?

Another printout that is needed is the current standings for each week to post at the course.

Author: Mike Morse
7 years ago   2012-03-01
The only true printout other than printing the page is the Next Round Handout. This shows the schedule and the handicaps for the next round. We don't printout scorecards because the golf courses have better scorecards than we can print. Plus there are always last minute changes that happen. The Next Round Handout should have the information for each group.

Also, the current standings is a page that can be printed. Printouts are a low priority at this time. We would prefer to create mobile apps instead.
Author: Support
7 years ago   2012-03-02
that's too bad to hear...as most league managers would agree, this is a huge time saver to be able to print out a generic score card with all the info on it. Using the course cards you have to go through each persons handicap every week and write it in and then determine what strokes on what holes they are getting. Quite labor intensive when almost all software does that for you. thank you for the reply though. i do applaud your efforts for the free software, but it's just not feasible to use without that function.Author: Mike Morse
7 years ago   2012-03-02
I'm not sure we are talking about the same issue. The software does apply the handicap strokes to the correct holes automatically. The strokes are applied when the scorecards are entered, not before.

Having pre-printed scorecards has been a very low request. Most leagues have too many changes last minute to use the pre-printed.

We would love to hear from other leagues if this is a feature that needs to be added.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-02
I agree, the handicaps get applied when entering, but the players, when out on the course want to know what holes they have to give strokes on and how many. this is the appeal of having pre-printed cards for your players. Author: Mike Morse
7 years ago   2012-03-02
We like to be able to have the pre-printable score cards. But the handicap layout isn't important for us, since with the way we run our league we just add the persons handicap to the points they earned through the round. It is just a convience issue, but I still have automated copies from last year that I can put in a documetn and update. We are more interested in getting the scheduling stuff where we can modify the weekly schedule and team tee times. Thanks for asking.Author: James Love
7 years ago   2012-03-09
OK we had our first night last night. I am starting to input the scores. It is calculating the individual scores fine (stableford). For the team score we combine the 2 players scores for the team score (player A scored 32 player B scored 36 the team had 68). I can't seem to get the team points report to add them, so I know I am doing something wrong I just don't know what it is. Can you help me out please. Author: James Love
7 years ago   2012-03-28
The round is not closed. Team scores are only calculated when the round is closed. FYI, a round can always be re-opened by the league manager, if required.Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-28
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