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Handicaps are wildly calculating improperly
I setup my league's schedule like always and noticed the handicaps for a handful of players shot down to a 0 this week out of nowhere. Normally I've been around a 5 for 9 holes but now its showing as a -1.23. Does it think I played 18 holes instead of 9?

I've tried to delete and re-add the scorecard from last week, rerun the cards, open and close the rounds again but its not effecting the HDCP.

I could delete the schedules and re-enter in the scorecards for last week but trying to see if someone else had this issue before I spend time on it.


# --- Date Season Tee Links Holes Gross Par Hcp Hcp Diff Net
0 View 2018-05-23 2018 - 1st - Round 20 White Front Nine 9 42 35 5 -24.96 37
1 View 2018-05-16 2018 - 1st - Round 17 White Front Nine 9 43 36 5 7.41 38
2 View 2018-05-09 2018 - 1st - Round 15 White Front Nine 9 41 36 5 5.56 36
Author: Ken Pholphiboun
2 years ago   2018-05-30
I finally had time to redo the broken week's scorecards and it seems to have fixed it. FWIW, I double checked the schedule's settings to make sure it wasn't me and they were set to 9 holes, front 9 on the right course.

Note: Do NOT delete the schedule first! It messes up everything. Don't panic, just add it back. Don't ask me how I know...

Steps to fix it
1. Screenshot the scorecards.
2. Re-open the round and set the current round to this week.
3. Click on each scorecard and click the delete button to remove it.
4. Verify the player's handicaps go back to normal.
5. Delete the scheduled week.
6. Add the schedule for the same week again.
7. Add the scorecards and close the week like normal.

Author: Ken Pholphiboun
2 years ago   2018-06-02
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