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Handicap Calculation - Has Something Changed?
Hi, I have set up our league to round up at .50 . I use the last 7 scores. Two weeks ago on of my players was 8.02 handicap (for 9). The next week he was a 7.32. Problem is he didnt play last week and his 7 scores didnt change, I checked. So if I have changed nothing in the scores or anything in the settings, wondering why his handicap went down. Actually he is protesting heavily : )
thanks, John
Author: John OBrien
2 years ago   2018-05-22
My guess is one or more of his older scores aged out.
Don't know how you have your handicap parameters setup up -- but usually it is the lowest x number of scores from the x most recent scores. For example my league is set at the lowest 5 scores from the 10 most recent scores with a 104 week look back.
On the player's profile page -- the highlighted scores are the ones used for handicaps calculations -- of course does not help if you don't know which scores were used last week verse what is being used this week. Don't know a way to look back.
I keep a hard copy of each week's handicap reports for this very reason.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-05-22
Thanks Richard. My handicaps are set up to use the last 7 rounds and the age out is set to zero. I have the round up set to .50. When I published the handicaps after the 5/10 round, the player was a 8.02 handicap. He missed the next 5/17 round and after doing the handicaps for 5/17 he dropped to a 7.32 but didnt even play on 5/17. I made no changes to the handicap rules in over a year. I validated the the player profile page didnt change that week over week (I send out screen shot of the handicap report each week). There where actually 2 players who didnt play that week whose handicaps mysteriously changed. Anything else you can think of? Your software is great and the cornerstone of our weekly (fun) competition. Thanks for all you do.Author: John OBrien
2 years ago   2018-05-28
I am just a user like you – no affiliations with the site or developer.

I just took an educated guess at what the issue might be based on my experiences with my League. Off the top of my head can't think of any other reason why the handicaps changed.

Unfortunately the last info from Brian (The Developer) was he has been fully preoccupied with a new job and family related issues - so odds are you will not get a response from him.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-05-28
Thanks Richard, job and family much more important than this trivial issue.

Good luck Brian
Author: John OBrien
2 years ago   2018-06-07
We too have been seeing crazy handicap issues - basically - if a team does not play - it assigns a 0 Handicap for the week that gets averaged with all the others. Is there a setting to prevent the system from using a 0 if a team does not play the previous week?

Author: Bob Place
2 years ago   2018-08-14
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