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First Time Player Handicap
I have the setting for first time players set at round over par X .9
I thought that would set a first time players handicap to 90% of their score over par.

So if par is 36 and they shoot 46 (10 over), their initial handicap would be 9 (10 X .9) = 9

In my league, par is 35 and I had a player shoot a 52. The system calculated the handicap at 17. I would think it would be a 15 (17 * .9) = 15.3 (round to 15).

Am I completely off there? Any help?
Author: John Manion
2 years ago   2018-05-17
First a disclaimer - I am not the developer or associated with the developer - just a user like you.

It's been a while since I set up my league -- but as I remember this setting controls the "Bonus for Excellence" part of the USGA Handicap Calculation.

Bonus for Excellence is the incentive for players to improve their golf games that is built into the USGA Handicap System. It is the term used to describe the small percentage below perfect equity that is used to calculate a Handicap Index (96 percent). As a Handicap Index improves (gets lower), the player has a slightly better chance of placing high or winning a handicap event.

1st - Calculate the Handicap Differential (Adjusted Gross Score - USGA Course Rating) x 113 / Slope Rating

2nd - Find the average of the Handicap Differentials being used ( aka 10 lowest of most recent 20, 5 of the most recent 10, or in your case 1, etc.)

3rd - Multiple the Average Differentials by the Bonus for Excellence (aka 0.96)

Resulting answer is the player's Handicap Index

Finally calculate the Player's Course Handicap:
(Handicap Index * Course Slope Rating) / 113

For more info on the USGA Handicap Calculations:

These calculations apply to both 9-hole and 18-hole Leagues, just be sure to use the appropriate Course Raging and Course Slope Rating - they will be different for 9-hole and 18-hole leagues. Sometime the course score card will have both -- but many times the card will only have the 18 hole info. Go to the USGA Course Rating and Slope Database (https://ncrdb.usga.org/NCRDB/) to get the info.

Hope this helps
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-05-18
Thanks for the response, that helps and the math works, so at least I understand what is happening.Author: John Manion
2 years ago   2018-05-18
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