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Net Handicap
Hi, Our league uses net handicap to give stokes. If player "A" is a 8 handicap and Player "B" is a 9 handicap, player "B" would get a stroke on the 1 handicap hole. Can this system be set up that way and if so how? If a 10 was playing a 16 the 16 would get a stroke on the 6 toughest holes, ect.Author: Chad McLeod
2 years ago   2018-05-15
When entering score card data on the website (Scorecards/Add Score Card) after a round, and handicaps have been enabled in League settings -- yes the website will calculate how many strokes a player gets and what holes they are applied to. That will in turn will calculate player net, earned points (match-play), etc.
Also the most current course data must be in the Golf Courses database. If your course is not there you will have to add it.

For my League I do not hand out pre-printed score cards, so I do not know if the pre-printed score cards will include handicapped holes.

As far as setting up, Establish your League Settings, complete the handicap preferences, build your player roster, add at least one old scored for each player to establish their handicap, and build your schedule.

Hope that helps
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-05-15
I don't think that solves the problem as described. It looks like handicaps are applied even to the lower handicap player as well as the higher. Handicap differential is what we need.Author: Dave Riggs
12 months ago   2019-05-03
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