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previous season handicaps.
I've entered 5 scores for all of my players from last season trying to get starting handicap for everyone since this is our first year trying this site. I went under the player list tab and entered old scores. None of these score show up in bold or show up on the handicap report. when I hit update handicaps it does nothing. What am I doing wrong?Author: Jeff McGlosson
2 years ago   2018-05-03
Could be several things - but one thing to look at:
Were all the old scored entered have different dates that were before today.
If all scores have the same date, system will not know how process them.

On my league I usually go back 5 weeks from start of the season to enter old scores.

The other thing to look at is how you have the handicap parameters set.
Since I am just a user like you, can't tell you if your setting are appropriate.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-05-03
Jeff, I have similarly posted 5 scores using the weeks before our first round as Richard suggested. (I used last season's average).

Check your league settings to define how many weeks back the system is to look for valid scores. Also you need accordingly to identify how each week's scores will be used in the calculation of the handicap (eg. specifying 5 or 6 week's scores @ .800, dropping 1 highest round, etc)
Author: Al Robinson
2 years ago   2018-05-20
We use the last 5 weeks at 90% in our league. But the way it is currently, it does NOT use the scores from last year if the player was in the league. So for example, if a player shoots well below their normal average in week 1 (I speak from experience), the handicap is based only on week 1 score. It builds up to finally having 5 scores to average after the 5th week. Can I make this look at last season to pull scores for HC calculation - at least for next year anyway?Author: Kent McPherson
15 months ago   2019-05-30
Look at the setting League Settings/Handicap/"Oldest Round Used for Handicapping".

This control how far you want to "Look back" for the handicap calculation.

Mine is set at 104 weeks -- aka 2 years.
Maybe too far a look back for some leagues, but I have multiple players that can't play each year - aka new jobs, new family members, etc.
Author: Richard Tawes
15 months ago   2019-05-30
Our league is set to look back 5 weeks but it didn't go back to last year. Author: Kent McPherson
15 months ago   2019-05-30
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