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I have all of my teams set up and team numbers - One player on Team # 1 does not list when adding a new round. The word Card comes in only for that player, even though he is listed as Team 1, Member and active. When I switched him out for another player, that other person's name came in to the added round. When I switched back to the first player's name - Again when adding a round, in his place in the schedule, it came is as CARD? Author: Glenn Doyon
2 years ago   2018-04-12
I had a similar issue with "CARD" always appearing for a player. I tried all sorts of things to correct it. Only thing that worked was to in-activate the offending player and change his name. Ex. Mike Smith became M. Smith. I then added new player Mike Smith. Kind of a klugey fix but it worked.
2 years ago   2018-04-24
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