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Can I enter a handicap from last season?
We are an existing league and the current scorekeeper uses a spreadsheet to track points, handicap, etc. I may need to take over scoring and was wondering now that I have the league setup, players entered, but have not started scheduling yet. Is there a way I can assign a handicap to each player? We use the final handicap from the previous season for week one.Author: Mike Vaughn
2 years ago   2018-03-14
There is no way that I am aware of to enter a starting handicap as a single entry.
For example, no way to enter a player's GHIN Index as a starting index.

However, when you add a player to the league roster - you can add as many previous rounds to build a new starting handicap index. I typically add 5 previous scores to build a starting handicap index. And unfortunately there is no bulk load capability, you have to manually enter each previous round.

Make sure you enter your course info (Slope/Rating, Par, etc) before adding your users, if the course is not already in the database (Golf Courses tab).

Note: when entering previous scores, I would advise using score that are the same as the league plays --- aka if a 9-hole league, only use 9-hole scores.
On a couple of occasions the system did not appear to convert 18-hole scores to a 9-hole handicap index correctly.
Author: Richard Tawes
2 years ago   2018-03-19
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