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Scheduling with Flights
I am trying to set up the schedule for my league. We have four flights with 4 teams in each flight (flights a,b,c,d) for a total of 20 teams. There is 10 weeks and the team with the most points in each flight plays in a playoff. I cant seem to figure out how to set this up with the 4 flights.Author: Wayward Golf
7 years ago   2012-02-21
We are working on improving the scheduling system. The flight scheduling is something we completely forgot about. Looking at your league's schedule, we will have the improvement completed before your first round.

The scheduling has been a low priority before this year, because the scorecards override the schedule. This allows the league manager to change a round by how he or she enters the scorecards. This feature will continue after the scheduling improvements. We see the schedule as information only.

Hope this helps. I will keep you informed on the schedule improvements.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-02-21
I would like the option to manually enter my schedule for the entire year and have the scorecards autofill each week. I don't see an option to create a schedule without entering it directly into the scorecard and then you can't move forward until you've completed the scorecard. This would give the team members the ability to always know who they'll be playing at any given time.Author: Deb Amundson
7 years ago   2012-08-14
You can manually enter your schedule.

From the Manager Task, click Edit Schedule under Schedule. Then click the Setup Matches on the top right. As long as the round is open, you can click 'Add Team vs Team'. This will allow you to manually add who plays who.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-08-14
we have 52 / 2 man team which we will separate in A and B team...lower handicap teams....2 divisions of 13 teams will play the front while 2 divisions of 13 teams will play the back
We play a 14 week season so everyone will play each team within there division 1 time and the 14th week we will play intradivisional matches

I'm hoping to set the schedule so we alternate front and back each week...is this possible?
Thank you
Author: Kim Luque
3 years ago   2016-03-16
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