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League E-mail Notifications Added
League managers can send e-mail notifications to a list of emails from the website. The new feature is under League then Email Notifications.Author: Management
8 years ago   2011-06-16
i know you are aware of this but the editable notifications would be really great in the 4/1 update as well as being able to turn on/off individual addresses. i guess it could be just add or remove email addresses...Author: Datacore Golf
7 years ago   2012-03-07
How do I send the email?

Updated Notice No < 15 Mins Queued (Waiting)
Welcome Invite No < 15 Mins Queued (Waiting
Author: Thomas McGrath
7 years ago   2012-03-22
The hosting company we use have a limit on the number of emails we can send per hour. Most hosting companies have limits on email to prevent people turning they servers into spam generators.

To prevent reaching the limit, we queue all email request. It's a first in first out system. So there is usually less than a 15 minute delay.
Author: Brian H
7 years ago   2012-03-22
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