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Team Match Play - Best Ball with Individual Match Play (A1 vs A2 and B1 vs B2)

Maybe the title is confusing. We play 2 man teams, A player and B player with handicaps where we play off the low handicap. Everyone plays own ball. For the team match lowest score of A1 and B1 with Hndcps versus lowest ball of A2 and B2 wins the hole and the 1 point. If tied, split the point. Winner of the match gets an extra point. 10 total points available, 1 for each hole and 1 for match.

Second, each individual plays their own match. A1 plays A2 and B1 plays B2 with handicaps. These matches are scored 2 points for the match only. If A1 beats A2 in match play, A1 gets 2 points for the team and same with B.

Is there a way to do this on the scoring. I tried both Match play and best ball together but when I change one of the preferences it changes both.

Thanks for the help in advance.
Author: Santino Zingales
2 years ago   2017-04-07
Any help would be great....league starts Monday 4/17/2017Author: Santino Zingales
2 years ago   2017-04-15
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