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Scoring - Team Match Play and Individual Match Play (Best Ball)

Maybe the title is confusing. We play 2 man teams, A player and B player with handicaps where we play off the low handicap. Everyone plays own ball. For the team match lowest score of A1 and B1 with Hndcps versus lowest ball of A2 and B2 wins the hole and the 1 point. If tied, split the point. Winner of the match gets an extra point. 10 total points available, 1 for each hole and 1 for match.

Second, each individual plays their own match. A1 plays A2 and B1 plays B2 with handicaps. These matches are scored 2 points for the match only. If A1 beats A2 in match play, A1 gets 2 points for the team and same with B.

Is there a way to do this on the scoring. I tried both Match play and best ball together but when I change one of the preferences it changes both.

Thanks for the help in advance.
Author: Santino Zingales
3 years ago   2017-04-05
Does anyone play this way? Anyone have suggestions on how to do it? Maybe pick one of the options for the team best ball match and then just manual add the A1 vs A2 and B1 vs B2 match?

Love to hear something, thanks guys. Still trying to figure out the site. Does it print scorecards for you or just enter them in when you are done? I set a schedule with what 9 hole course I think we will be on but if we end up playing a different 9 (the course has 4 9 hole courses) I can edit that during the season, correct? And lastly, we start playoffs the week before Labor day, does this site do a playoff bracket?

Author: Santino Zingales
3 years ago   2017-04-07
Santino, sorry to tell you brother, but Leaguesync can't add correctly. Plus, I don't think anyone plays the way you guys do. Go to paper and use excel to add things up. That's what I finally had to do. Leaguesync would be OK except for the arithmetic thing. It's really not very user friendly but once you get used to it it's OK. It will print score cards which are pretty good. too bad it can't add. Author: Steve Cramer
3 years ago   2017-04-30
It seemed to be doing the team best ball ok, but we play off the low man ball. The first week everything worked well and all team match play came out the same. This week, Team 2 versus Team 7 in my league did not. It appears it does not use the low man ball. For example player A1 is a 4 (he would play as a zero) A2 is a 9 (he would play as a 5), B1 is a 7 (he would play as a 3) and B2 is a 15 (he would play as a 11). The score should be 6.5 to 3.5 but it is giving me an 8-2 score.

Is there a way to play the match with playing off the low handicap?
Author: Santino Zingales
3 years ago   2017-05-01
My league plays the same Santino. I'm rather frustrated as well. Love the site but I don't feel the points are correct either? Have you figured it out? do you do the match play only or both together>

Author: Elizabeth Failing Dill
3 years ago   2017-06-20
We are also playing a best ball format and play off the low person ball. Is there a way for the handicap to be set up this way?
Author: Carla H. Mancino
2 years ago   2018-01-09
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