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Had to drop a few teams for 2017 and deleted all players and re-entered them. Now have 9 teams and changed the team names as well. Why is the schedule showing like this below still? Team 10 should no longer be listed. Team 11 should not be there either.

Team "A" vs Team "B"
Smith/Scanlon (3) vs Team 10
Sypien/Gast (4) vs Rob Buyze/Vandenberg (9)
Frazier/Contreras (5) vs Godbold/Salisz (8)
Rory Smith/Neal Smith (6) vs Atallah/Karachy (7)
Simon/Witter (1) vs Bye
Shawn Buyze/Drobney (2) vs Team 11
Author: John Scanlon
2 years ago   2017-03-28
Did you try to change the "# of Teams" under League Preferences to 9?Author: Ken Pholphiboun
2 years ago   2017-04-01
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