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I am setting up a league for the first time and am trying to add old scores from previous year spreadsheet system to establish handicaps. I entered the score for first player and do not see them anywhere nor has a handicap been established (I re-synced handicaps). I don't want to add the ten scores for all the players only to find out it did nothing so am testing with the first playerAuthor: Cynde Childs
3 years ago   2017-03-11
Go to players. On the drop down click "List Players" Click on the player you want to add scores for. At the bottom click "Add Old Score" fill in the blanks. Click "Add" it should show when screen refreshes.
Good Luck
Author: Tim Moore
3 years ago   2017-03-14
That is what I did and I do not see the scores anywhere. The scores would be from 2016, which would be earlier than the date I established the league on your site - would that have anything to do with it?
Author: Cynde Childs
3 years ago   2017-03-16
once you click on the players name did you scroll down? The date should not make a difference.Author: Tim Moore
3 years ago   2017-03-16
Yes I clicked on List Players, scrolled to the bottom where the players names are listed. I select a player, scroll down and choose Add Old Score - enter the information in the pop up dialog box and add the score. I don't see them anywhere. I've added over 10 scores and updated the handicap but nothing. I am doing this on an IPad Pro - would that make a difference?Author: Cynde Childs
3 years ago   2017-03-17
I'm out of help I just did it last week with no problems. Hope someone from Leaguesync can help at this point.Author: Tim Moore
3 years ago   2017-03-17
Thanks for trying to help. I am going to try it on an old Toshbia laptop and see if that makes a difference.Author: Cynde Childs
3 years ago   2017-03-20
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