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This topic was first presented under the General Discussion heading, however it should probably go here.

I close week 10 and the scoring and team standings are as they should be.

I "Set current round" to week 11 and the team standings change - some teams gained as many as 6 or 6.5 points, a few gained 3 points or so and two teams gained nothing at all.

VERY strange - in the short term how do I rectify?
Author: Joe Morin
3 years ago   2016-08-01
Evidently you can't. The web site managers are AWOL. I can't use this site because of the scoring issues. I went to "It's good golf".com. I'll try that site for my league this year. So long LeagueSync!Author: Steve Cramer
2 years ago   2017-03-16
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