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Discrepancy between the scorecard scores and standings scores
Why is there a Discrepancy between the scorecard scores and standings scores? Example: I look at a team score on the score cards and they have 18.5, but the standings page shows they have 20.5. The weird part is this discrepancy doesn't happen for every team. Some teams scorecards are the same as the standings page. Help please. Author: Steve Cramer
3 years ago   2016-07-27
Same problem here I believe, but maybe even stranger:

Week 10 scoring seems fine, standings, etc.

I "set current round" to week 11 and the standings (and team points) change - WITHOUT entering any scorecards for Week 11 (yet).

Some teams changed as much as 6.5 points, some only a few and two teams not at all.

DEFINITELY seems like a bug.
Author: Joe Morin
3 years ago   2016-08-01
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