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Setting up matches
We have a 20 man league with a 1st half and 2nd half.
As we just started the second half I noticed that the matches that we automatically scheduled are the same pairings as week 1 of the 1st half.
How can I modify the matches so everyone in the league plays everyone different for the 20 week season?
Author: Brad Kovachik
4 years ago   2016-06-29
I had the same problem. My workaround was to build the same number of dummy rounds as you had in the 1st half (and close them). Then I continued building the remaining schedules and notified the players to disregard Rounds 1 thru ## (ie. picking up with round 11 for match-ups).Author: Al Robinson
2 years ago   2018-05-20
I have a 24 man league with 10 rounds and a knockdown round in each half. the start of the 2nd half is identical to the 1st so you don't get to play each team at least once. any way to fix without adding false rounds any ideas would be helpful thanks Paul CareyAuthor: Brian Mitchell
17 months ago   2019-03-24
I just enter my match ups manually. Goto "Edit Scedule" then add match upsAuthor: Tim Moore
17 months ago   2019-03-25
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