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Second Half of our season
Does anyone know if I can reset the points for my league by adding new rounds as a different period when I set them up? I don't want to create an entire different season if I do not have to. Thank you for your help.Author: Adam Swick
3 years ago   2016-06-26
Similar question on setting up 2nd half of season. I want to clear out scores and re-align the flights then continue with the match-ups (where we left off at the end of the first half of the season). Author: Al Robinson
3 years ago   2016-07-01
Does anyone know if you can keep gross and net ave from 1st half of season in place for 2nd half and not start completely over. I only want points to reset for 2nd half.Author: Andy Bryant
3 years ago   2016-07-01
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