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handicaps no longer accurate
Handicaps were calculating fine but at week 9 they went crazy. I can't figure out why. 18 hole league and we have played 9 rounds. Nothing changed in set up. HELP!!Author: Diane Miller
3 years ago   2016-06-22
Same here, was working fine for years. We are using the 10 best scores from the last 20 rounds. All of a sudden, the handicap is not calculated from the 10 best scores. Seems random the number of scores used for calculation.Author: Mark Payne
3 years ago   2016-10-19
For our league, it appears that all scores newer than February 2, 2016 are not used in the handicap calculation. The newer scores are not bold even when the value is a low score and should be used.Author: Mark Payne
3 years ago   2016-10-19
Hey Mark,
I'm having the same issue only from season to season.
I see no one has replied. Have you figured out what was happening and how did you fix it???
Author: Jerry Holm
2 years ago   2017-04-11
anyone figure out an answer to this question??????Author: Zach Schuster
2 years ago   2017-07-07
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