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Adding Best M of N to number of scoring rounds used
Hi Brian,
Enjoy working through the site, and have figured out how to make things work with our league, with one exception (to date that is !). Another person asked about a similar/same question: how can we use the best M of N, in my case, best 7 of 10 rounds for each half of the season? in excel I use the following formula: =SUM(LARGE((DB6:DK6),{1,2,3,4,5,6,7})). Is there an opportunity to update the options to allow best of M of N rounds in scoring? We use it to allow for people being on travel, and to provide everyone with a 'reasonable' chance of winning the first/second halves of the year. Thanks for considering.
Author: Chris Burns
3 years ago   2016-04-27
Hi, I am also interested in this option of being able to omit a couple of rounds per season, to accommodate players who are traveling. This will keep everyone competitive and in the running for prizes in each half of the season.
Author: Al Robinson
3 years ago   2016-06-07
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