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Send button on emails not working (takes almost a week)
It takes me three or four days to finally get the send button to respond to my email. I create an email click the send button and nothing happens, this happens very often, I keep trying to create the email each day, then all of a sudden the email processes. Usually after 3 or 4 days trying, does anyone else experience this.Author: Kevin Grant
3 years ago   2016-04-27
When I go back to check on a 'sent ' email, it tells me the email is 'Queing' to be sent in 15 minutes. I don't understand this.Author: Vicki Miesle
3 years ago   2016-04-28
yes I found when its ques my email is sent out within 24 hours, but at least you know it will be sent
Author: Kevin Grant
3 years ago   2016-04-28
Doesn't really matter...Support doesn't respond to them anyway. Crappy support!!Author: David Miller
3 years ago   2016-08-16
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