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Shotgun Start
Are there any plans to add a shotgun start feature to the schedule creator and/or next round handout?

Currently, our league has a shotgun start and we need to provide each team with the hole they are starting on every single week. It would be nice if this information could, at the very least, be incorporated into the next round handout. It is already showing which teams are facing each other, why not add the hole # they are starting on as well?

The auto-match up feature of the schedule creator could also incorporate a shotgun start feature as well. When creating each new round, you have to choose between the front nine or back nine as an option. Why not actually use that selection, and create starting holes if shotgun start option is selected?

Author: Dave Melonson
3 years ago   2016-04-25
I agree.Author: John Fritsche
3 years ago   2016-04-25
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