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very frustrated
I understand this is a free site and I appreciate it but the support staff needs to be a little more attentive especially to new users I cold use some support with starting my new season
why cant I view my score cards
how do I view full season schedule
is there phone number to call for support for the new guy
Author: Andy Squier
3 years ago   2016-03-21
I am not staff but can try to help. If you have your schedule setup you should be able to click on the schedule tab and see the dates for the whole schedule. If you are looking at seeing the matchups for the whole schedule unfortunately you have to go into each round.
As for the scorecards, the round has to be open and you have to have your match ups generated. You have to go into the individual round to see the scorecards.

if you leave your email I can try to send you some screen shots. I have used the site for 3 years now and while there are some little 'bugs' it works pretty well especially considering the price.
Author: Todd Endl
3 years ago   2016-03-23
Been using this program for 3 yrs I run the schedule and scores.good till now, the program will not see me as a active player when i do the cards, but everything else says i am a active player.shows no handicap at all like i never played. need help ASAP PLZ. found out that it was a setting on my new computer and not your program. thanks Paul
Author: Paul Carey
3 years ago   2016-04-23
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