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Dropping too many scores
I have it set up to drop your highest score after 5 week but instead it is dropping the two highest scores. Am I doing something wrong in my set up? I also have after 6 weeks just dropping your highest and I did a trial to test it and it is still only using 3 scores for handicap instead of 5. Let me know if I can fix this thanks!Author: Eric Touchet
4 years ago   2015-11-11
Figured it out. ThanksAuthor: Eric Touchet
4 years ago   2015-11-11
what did you do to correct it, I am having the same issue. Thanks
Author: Karen Winchester
3 years ago   2016-04-06
It is possible you have your "Current Round" set to the round that is about to be played - My handicaps were all messed up until I set the "Current Round" to the last round played. The "Current Round" should not be selected until you are ready to enter that weeks scores. When I did that, all of the handicaps were then correct. Mine is supposed to use the lowest 5 scores of the last 8 for handicap. 5 rounds were bolded after applying the "Current Round" as described above.Author: Glenn Doyon
3 years ago   2016-07-25
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